NON-LIT Media Frames


At just 1-inch thick, the FS 1001 frame is perfect for large format printed graphics.
Our FS 1002 profile offers a sturdy, slightly thicker and more robust look.
The FS 1008 is only half an inch thick, making it easy to wall mount or even bend to conform to curved surfaces.
This deco frame offers classic styling with a sharp modern flair.
DF 1051 deco frame showcases your artwork in a stylish beveled extrusion that measures just over 4.4 inches wide.
The DF 1052 offers the same bold 4.4-inch as the DF 1051 but with a 90-degree frame.
With a beveled frame width of 2.7 inches, the DF 1061 offers a more subtle finish.
The DF 1062 offers the same 2.7-inch width deco border as the DF 1061 but with a 90-degree frame.