LIT Media Frames


The FLS 2125 is designed with specific grooves to integrate all components of our patented Tension LED System. With no size restriction, this profile is the perfect solution for any light box application.
One of our thinnest profiles designed for ELS lighting. At 1.6 inches in depth, the FLS 1102 offers a sleek finish, is perfect for projects with limited space, and integrates beautifully into custom wall systems and millworks.
The FLS 1110 frame system is a unique solution that allows the graphic to be changed on the safety of the floor or tabletop. Simply separate the graphic frame from the base containing the lighting and wiring. The magnetic system is engineered to hold the graphic frame firmly in place, while allowing it to be simply removed and replaced in perfect alignment.
At 4.7 inches in depth, the FLS 1111 offers a compact, easy to ship and easy to install system utilizing our PLS LED lighting system.
The FLS 1112 is a bold, clean profile at only 4.1 inches in depth to accommodate our PLS LED Lighting.
This profile offers the same depth and ELS lighting benefits as the FLS 1102 but incorporates a 1-inch decorative border.
The FLS 1114 is an engineered window display that allows for graphics to be changed from the backside of the frame due to our reverse silicone solution. This eliminates the need to remove the frame from the window for graphic change-out. Therefore, this profile makes it possible to fill windows edge to edge with safe, sturdy, and brilliantly lit graphic frames.